A Vision for the Future of Bicester: 
NW Bicester Eco Development.

P3Eco has established a consortium of well respected partners to work on the NW Bicester project, including masterplanning architect Sir Terry Farrell, internationally renowned British engineers Arup, Eco2H2O -  whose eco house design featured prominently at the recent national Grand Designs exhibition -  A2Dominion, a housing association with a strong presence in Oxfordshire and Oxford Brookes University with strong local connections and a significant capability in sustainable development.

We began to develop our proposals for an eco settlement on the site within the context of an eco-led regeneration of Bicester as a whole.   As private sector partners in emerging proposals for NW Bicester Eco Town we see Bicester as offering a special opportunity for this type of development because:

1. The proposal has the full support of the local authority which identified the site as an appropriate location for an eco-settlement.

2. The scheme can provide a catalyst for the regeneration of Bicester as a sustainable community.

3. A major advantage is that maximum use can be made of existing social and physical infrastructure.

4. In transport terms the development can build upon and strengthen the existing public transport infrastructure including the proposed new transport interchange at Bicester  to  provide  a new rail link between Oxford and London Marylebone.

5. The development will enable Bicester substantially to meet its target for new homes to 2026, and for those to be provided to highest environmental standards to assist Bicester achieve carbon neutrality.

6. The scale of development proposed and and strategic position of Bicester will enable it to develop into a national centre of excellence for employment in the new environmental industries..

Cherwell has  recognised our significant expertise and capability in masterplanning, eco house building to Code 6 and the provision of renewable energy.This expertise and the existing attributes of the town and infrastucture can combine to enable exemplar development to be brought forward at an early stage.

We believe that we can create a new eco settlement to the North West of Bicester of exceptional quality, incorporating the best of the new eco technologies and playing a key role in the regeneration of Bicester as a whole. We are determined to create a development which will grow gradually as an organic extension to Bicester, which sits comfortably with and enhances the town and from which the whole community will benefit.

Now that the government has endorsed North West Bicester as an appropriate site for an eco development we can begin to develop our proposals in more detail for consultation with Cherwell and the community.